Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion

Photos by Billy Rood of Left to right: C/FAN, Kristin Hassan, Dorsia

Gen Art's Fresh Faces Fashion Show was the final show for Fashion Focus, presenting new up-and-coming designers on our "watch" list!

Kristin Hassan presented a zesty,colorful collection with girly shorts and delightful tailored tops. JLee Silver showcased trendy summer outfits.The Silver models had an amazing flare that matched the beach inspired clothing. Some of the garments included bright summer gowns and sparkling accessories.The JLee Silver Collection is new and trendy and more specifically it pulls forward creativity to the line. Imaginary People presented everything from prints and patterns to high-waisted leggings and skirts.Dorsia showcased menswear with sophisticated colors, unique textures from vegan leather jackets to denim shorts. The conclusion of the show was showcased by Red Doll by Tatyana.The out-of-this-world dress moment was made when a bright red gown was presented on the stage.The long dress had two big lustrous red flowers on each shoulder to compliment a black satin belt. The dress was a perfect way to cap the magnificent night.
-Jessica Campos

Photos by Billy Rood of Left to right: JLee Silver, Red Doll by Tatyana, Imaginary People

*video by Tim Musho and Billy Rood of

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