Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green Chic - Nicole Kidman's eco-chic SAG hair, Tips from stylist Robert Verdi and more!

Factio Magazine gets Nicole Kidman’s 2010 SAG Awards "Beach Hair" with eco-friendly product by David Babaii! Find out which one!

Fashion Pulse Daily
gets some great V-Day suggestions from renowned stylist Robert Verdi!

Guiltless & Glamorous
rounds up the start of the awards season's cruelty-free red carpet fashions!

Home Green
gives you tips on how to switch to a facial thats tough on dirt and easy on the environment

Looking Sharp!
discovers Fancy Clothinga new Pittsburgher designing wares with thrift store finds!

My Beauty Bunny
asks the question - What are parabens and should we be worried about them?

Posh Swaps
talks fashion and sustainability with some useful tips.

Runway To Retail
finds out if H&M is Lying About 'Organic' Cotton Click Here

Shopping and Info
idea for Valentine’s Day Gift ala Angelina Jolie give to charity in the name of your loved one.


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