Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mr. Ford Returns from Hibernation

After six years of hibernation, Tom Ford will finally be returning to the women’s wear fashion scene. His highly anticipated return has been gaining some worldwide notoriety amongst the fashion industry’s finest. Don’t let the fact that Mr. Ford has awoken from a six year slumber have you thinking that he will be putting a rest to his exclusivity. A red carpet full of Ford’s designs is not what the designer has in mind. Tom has stated that he “will wait to see who is nominated for the Oscars-and will dress one person.” The designer held a private showcase of his latest and greatest this past September. Ford’s showcase consisted of an exclusive audience with 100 guests and editors, and an even more glamorous lineup of models including Julianne Moore, Beyonce, and Lauren Hutton among others. In regard to the latest campaigns from this spring 2011 line, the return of Ford is definitely worth the wait. Tom Ford’s legacy previously brought us some of the best from ex YSL, and Gucci (anyone remember Charlize Theron at the 2004 Oscars? Epic.) and there is nothing from this new collection to be disappointed about. It appears that his recent break has enabled him to truly tap into his creativity. Tip of the hat to you Mr. Ford, bravo! - Nicole Simone

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