Friday, May 29, 2009

Romantic Tops Get a Naughty Twist

“Petite Salope” shirt

Somewhere in Paris far, far away is a beautiful atelier called Locher’s. The women’s label specializes in sweet and romantic tops and jewelry…with a naughty twist. Don’t let the delicate embroidery fool you, these clothes are anything buy naïve. Potty-mouthed sayings and phrases are prudently placed along the needlepoint blossoms and birdies. The soft and feminine colors and silhouettes are packed with a whole lot of impudent punch with sayings from “Casse Toi Cherie” (get lost darling) to “Petite Salope” (little slut). The latest from Locher’s is the Vintage Vixen Series of handmade silver-chain necklaces adorned with bad-mannered pendants made of hammered gold, porcelain flowers, and satin and lace ribbons and bows. These innocently pictured charms follow Locher’s signature style with naughty statements that prevent each piece from ever becoming “too sweet”. Check out the never too nice Parisian label at Being rude never looked so lovely.
-Jackie Medler

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