Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jessica Alba Talks Eco-Chic

When all-around beauty Jessica Alba gave a few minutes of personal advice during her Vogue photo shoot about going green and being fashionable, we couldn’t help but listen.

Alba tells us about her composer that isn’t smelly, her made-out-of-tires grass that doesn’t need watering and her vinegar mixed with water cleaning secret. Also, she recommends organic and eco friendly products to make us look as fashionable as her and daughter Honor. Bamboo is a great organic resource to every conscious fashionista.

According to Alba, awareness is the first step and we at Runway To Retail concur. The biggest trend nowadays is to think about the environment we live in. And if we can dress like Jessica Alba while doing so – it’s a win-win situation!
- Chloé van der Wel

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