Thursday, July 9, 2009

Star Power

sponsored by:
Boucheron Joaillerie

The stars have allied for designer Marc Newson who created an enchanting jewelry piece for Boucheron. The hypnotic necklace is made up of raised clusters of diamonds and sapphires in nuanced shades, with a large diamond whorl at its center. The color palette of white and deep to light blue diamonds will have you thinking crystal clear night sky under a galaxy of revolving stars. The necklace looks as though it is floating. This is because of roughly 2,000 pavé stones, some as small as 1.7 mm, positioned on invisible settings giving the piece a weightless look. This caliber of jewelry is nothing new for Boucheron. Their jewelry functions as wearable art with inspiration ranging from pastries to casinos and even space. Get free delivery at Boucheron in July 2009.
-Tracey Johnsen

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