Friday, December 11, 2009

Fashion and Beauty Going Viral

The viral world is officially taking over in the industries of fashion and beauty! It was announced this week that Polo Ralph Lauren was launching a virtual fashion show of their holiday collection for their Rugby line (saving Ralph a considerable amount of money since a fashion show costs around $1.5 mil for just 700 industry insiders to see it, while a virtual show costs only $50,000 with millions of people able to see the new collection).

It was just announced that Avon's Mark beauty line will begin going viral, but will cash in doing it. The company has partnered with Facebook to make a virtual storefront where clients can interact on the social networking site and buy their favorite beauty products without ever leaving the site. “Some 123 years ago, the representative would go door to door, geography to geography, selling to her friends and family — her social network,” said Claudia Poccia to WWD, Global President of Mark. “Mark is taking direct selling from door to door, to [Facebook’s] wall to wall.”

Head to the online boutique via Facebook by becoming a member of the Mark Girl page and click on the shop icon and voila, virtual shopping at its finest.

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