Friday, February 11, 2011

CORE talks Real Estate With Nicole Miller

Thoughts of fashion are on everyone’s mind, including our dear friends at CORE (one of our favorite real estate firms from the hit show Selling New York on HGTV). Just in time for fashion week, CORE'S CEO Shaun Osher talked with legendary fashion designer Nicole Miller. Osher and Miller's candid conversation covered everything from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, her beloved Tribeca loft, and her steps to success. “I believe there is a natural synergy among fashion, design and architecture that represents our culture,” says Shaun Osher, CEO of CORE. “Nicole Miller is an inspiring entrepreneur and a creative icon; she is innovative and always at the cutting edge of how we live.” Viewers will also get a sneak glimpse of Nicole Miller in her element with this rare opportunity to see both her showroom and production facility. CORE, a real estate and marketing powerhouse, decided to launch this web series to show the world how life inspires real estate and in this case, fashion. - Kanae Janter


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