Thursday, November 29, 2007

Les Exclusifs de Chanel

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Consider it done. Chanel has released a collection of ten new fragrances, all of which are inspired by the places, events, numbers and history of Chanel. The scents, created by current Chanel perfume creator, Jacques Polge, are all significant and mimic the iconic scents created by Chanel’s original perfume designers.

Looking for something light and flowery? Try No. 22. Do you like more of a rich, smoky smell? Then Cuir de Russie is right for you. Bel Respiro will keep you smelling like French countrysides- rusted grass and sun kissed winds included. For a simple and sweet smell, splash on some 28 La Pausa. Want something sensual with a hint of fantasy? Gardenia is the scent to dot on your wrists.

Ten scents with drastically unique smells all of which can offer something different-talk about being prepared for any occasion! The Les Exclusifs de Chanel line is being sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and select Chanel boutiques. You can own a 200 ml bottle for $175 or a 400 ml splash Eau de Cologne for $300. And if you can’t wait to get to the stores-call 1.888.774.2424 to order today.
-Nora Silver

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