Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brian Reyes Coming to Winnetka

Brian Reyes is coming to the Chicago area- to Winnetka at Simone's Boutique to be exact, on April 25th and 26th, where you can meet him in person while shopping his spring and fall collections and sipping champagne bien sur. We caught up with the designer before his Winnetka debut this weekend. Find out about his collection, inspirations and how he got his first fashion job.

RUNWAYTORETAIL.COM: How are you inspired with your collections?
I’m often inspired by climate, culture and landscape. This season, topography from various regions of the world inspired our fabric selection, embellishment details and color palette. Nature affects every aspect of life, and somehow it always finds a way to directly impact our collections.
RTR: What are your plans while you’re in the Chicago area other than the store appearance at Simone’s? What do you love about this boutique?
I actually have some friends out here, so I’m going to visit with them, and just enjoy the spring weather in the city. Simone’s is such a special place because it really feels like one big dressing room—Simone Gensburg is so friendly and helpful, and she always has something here for everyone.

RTR: What should every woman have in their closet?
Every woman should have a black dress she feels confident and sexy in.

RTR: Where is your favorite place to travel and has it ever inspired you for a collection?
I’ve always found travel inspiring—the diversity of culture and geographic landscapes inspire me wherever I go. Before I launched my first collection I took a trip to my native Colombia, and spent two weeks traveling to different places from my childhood. That trip inspired almost every aspect of that collection.

I’m also planning a trip to Death Valley next month, and I’m looking forward to drawing inspiration from the harshness of that environment.

RTR: What are people surprised to learn about you?
People are usually surprised to hear that I didn’t go to design school—I moved to New York straight from high school and had to go straight to work. My first job in the city was at Ralph Lauren as a design assistant without any experience.

Reyes will be at Simone's Boutique at 1060 Gage Street in the heart of Hubbard Woods in Winnetka on Friday and Saturday, April 25 & 26 from 11AM to 5PM. Please RSVP to Simone's Boutique at 847.446.9966.

Photo Credits: Tangerine Printed Silk Chiffon Camisole, Rose Silk Chiffon Camisole, Copper Washed Wool Balmacaan Jacket. Second Image: Coal Japanese Paper Cotton Pleated Strap Dress

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