Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zac Posen is Coming to Town!

Zac Posen is coming to town! The designer will be in Chicago for a cocktail party tonight co-hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue that will benefit Steppenwolf's Auxiliary Council. Only a few get to go to the invite only soirée, which we will catch you up on soon, but in the meantime, check out our interview with Zac on his inspirations, his Chicago plans and his secret to beautiful dresses. If you do want to meet him, he will be on the floor at Saks Fifth Avenue at 700 N. Michigan Ave., on Thursday, April 10th from 1:00 pm. to 3:00 p.m.

RUNWAYTORETAIL: I know you've been creating designs for ages, even as a child, I heard that you were a cheeky lad, stealing yarmulkes from the synagogue to create ball gowns for dolls. Where does the drive to design come from for you?
I’m influenced by the strength of the creative forces around me, the women in my life, art, my travels, horsebackriding, the women in my studio and visions that I see on the street.

RTR: Who influences your design? How do you keep the creativity flowing?
ZP: I think it’s important to make sure your life is filled with exploration, art, books, friends, family and good food.

RTR: I know that you're a friend of the Schnabel family. Have you seen Julian Schnabel's outlandishly stunning film The Diving Bell and Butterfly? What did you think? Does it inspire you in any way?
ZP: The film was fantastic. Any story that encourages dreams, fantasy, consideration of family, devotion, struggle and determination is important. It’s the essence of creativity.

RTR: Let's talk about fit. Your dresses are renowned for their ability to shape and flatter female bodies and still retain a cutting edge accessibility. How do you do it?
I prefer to drape on a form, which allows me to really use the body and shape to create my designs.

RTR: For the fall collection, what was the inspiration and the mood that you're after?

ZP: For fall I wanted to experiment with textures, primaries, organza and alternative perspectives for feminine suiting.

RTR: Any big plans while you're here in Chicago?
ZP: I am not in Chicago for long, my big plan is the show!
-Kari Skaflen

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