Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210 on E! Promoting His Shapewear in Chicago

Dr. Rey, our favorite plastic surgeon from the hit show Dr. 90210 on E! is coming to the Chicago area to promote his new shapewear line that is available at Sears stores nationwide. We caught up with him to discuss the new innerwear collection, balancing work and family life and of course, what he will do while in town!

Tell us about your new shapewear collection and the collaboration between you and Bruno Schiavi.

My new shapewear collection, Dr. Rey’s Shapewear, is a beautiful and functional shapewear line that I designed with famed Australian lingerie designer, Bruno Schiavi. I use my surgical skills to determine the stitching of the garments in conjunction with Bruno’s design expertise to create beautiful, sexy shapewear that allows women to lose inches instantly without more invasive routes such as plastic surgery.
What are the unique aspects about your line? Any tips on getting the best results from the collection?

Some of the unique aspects of Dr. Rey’s Shapewear are that the garments contain aloe vera which moistures the skin, each piece is very sexy unlike the old fashioned girdles, yet is very firm control shapewear, and many of the pieces have silicone gripping which prevent them from rolling up or down. Another unique aspect is that it’s comfortable even though it is a very firm control. Tips I have for women to achieve the best result is to purchase true to size and when putting them on, to roll up the silicone gripping (much like pantyhose) and once on, roll back so it’s not sticking to skin as it’s rolling up.

Which piece does every woman need to own and why?

The piece every woman has to own is either the high waist step-in and/or the deep plunge dress or bodysuit. The high waist step in firmly controls the abdominal area, as well as hips and thighs. It also contours the buttocks beautifully which gives the appearance of a Brazilian butt-lift. I absolutely love the deep plunge bodysuit (my wife’s favorite!) and the deep plunge dress. Both allow for deep v-neck dresses and maximize cleavage as well as allowing for firm control of the abdominal area.

How do you balance your time between work, family, your hit TV show and surgery?
It is so difficult balancing my time between work, family, and my show, Dr. 90210. On that note, I’m figuring it out better than before! I now make a point to shorten my workouts to about 20 minutes every morning and 10 minutes practicing martial arts. I then drive my daughter to school and devote the whole weekend to my family. When I am working on Dr. Rey’s Shapewear with Bruno on some weekends, I usually have my wife helping us out and sometimes bring my wife and children when I go out of town for Sears in-store appearances.

What are the top beauty and styling secrets every woman should know to look their best?
Of course the top beauty and styling secret is shapewear! Dr. Rey’s Shapewear is such firm control, as well as being comfortable. It can really boost a woman’s self confidence by reducing the dress size and taking inches off the waist, enhancing the buttocks and cleavage, and allowing for better posture, and making panty lines invisible. Self confidence is the key to beauty and style, and Dr. Rey’s Shapewear really helps a woman feel more confident and sexy. Another top beauty secret is sunscreen. Women should wear sunscreen everyday from an early age to prevent aging from the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Also, updated hairstyles, and really good moisturizer and cleanser are key to feeling beautiful and confident.

When in town for the Chicago area appearance do you plan on visiting downtown and what would your perfect Chicago night be?
When I’m in town for the Chicago Sears in-store appearance, I plan on going downtown and visiting the Sears Tower, going to the Chicago History Museum and shopping. My perfect Chicago night would be going to a great sushi restaurant and then the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with my wife.

Dr. Rey will be at the Chicago Ridge Sears at 444 Chicago Ridge Mall, Saturday April 5th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. To shop his shapewear line online visit,

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