Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chicago Designer Horacio Nieto Part of AOL Latino's Fashionista Show

Horatio Nieto

Take Project Runway, get rid of host Heidi Klum and replace her for Venezuelan Actress Patricia Velásquez and switch all of the fashion contenders with blooming Latino fashion designers and we have ourselves a new, saucy show. One of our very own, Chicago fashion designer Horacio Nieto is part of the show on AOL Latino's "Fashionista" and has a one in three chance to win the design competition. We've caught up with him to learn about the competition, about what it's like to be a Chicago fashion designer who is Latino and to get a first look at his fall collection.

RUNWAYTORETAIL.COM: What is it like to be part of AOL Latino Fashionista?
HORACIO NIETO: It's a great experience to be on AOL Latino Fashionista. You work hard as a designer to put your name out there and then this opportunity comes and it's a wonderful feeling.

RTR: Tell us about being a Chicago fashion designer.
HN: Being a Chicago designer, I feel you have to work a little harder because the fashion industry we have here is not as big as some other big cities, but it's getting there. I think the national impression doesn't know that there is so much talent in Chicago, because we are in the Midwest they tend to overlook us.

RTR: Tell us about your fall collection.
HN: My fall collection is a combination of modernism with an Elizabethean feeling, but not in the literal meaning. I wanted pieces that had style lines that were strong, but yet very feminine.

RTR: What are some of the benefits about being a Latino fashion designer?
HN: I think some of the benefits would be that we use rich, vibrant colors that most people wouldn't wear because Latino culturals use them on a regular basis. There are certain dress styles that some women would not wear, but a Latino woman would look fantastic in it.

RTR: What is something people don't know about you?
HN: Some people may not know that I used to dance Mexican Folk Dancing (also know as "folklorico). I started when I was in high school and continued when I moved to Chicago. I danced with the Mexican Dance Ensemble for about two years here in Chicago.

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