Monday, May 26, 2008

Russian Fashion Princess: Kira Plastinina Comes Stateside

Kira Plastinina Boutique on Robertson in LA

Kira Plastinina is coming stateside and in a big way with the launch of stores in LA, New York and Las Vegas with 50 more stores planned in the United States within the next three years. The brand already has 40 stores in Russia, 2 in the Ukraine and 2 in Kazakhstan. This could be your basic global expansion, but the fact is the designer behind the brand is only 15! You'll find 500 stores globally by the year 2010.

Kira Plastinina is generally like every other teenage girl, only she is at the helm of a multi-million dollar company. By day she attends the prestigious Anglo-American school in Moscow, but after school she is chauffeured to her office where she begins her second life as a budding fashion designer. Backed by her millionaire father Sergei Plastinin, Kira's company is making major waves in the fashion world. "Kira Plastinina is well on her way to becoming an international sensation,” says Sergei Plastinin." With up to 40 branches open in premium malls in Russia, we have had tremendous success in creating a unique luxury brand that targets the teen market. Our decision to expand globally to the U.S. comes from our extensive research into the market and our confidence that we will fill a niche.” In 2007, Paris Hilton was brought in to sit front row at Kira's show during Moscow Fashion Week for a reported $2 million and the designer has already been named Glamour Magazine's "Woman of the Year" under the category "Breakthrough of the Year". In early January of this year,
fashion editor's like Teen Vogue's Amy Astley was introduced
to Kira Plastinina through a private party produced by
Harrison & Shriftman to unveil the designers collection before New York Fashion Week began. We can't wait to watch the career of this young designer!

In the LA Area? Watch for the Kira Plastinina ice cream truck this Memorial Day weekend! The truck will be driving between Kira's stores at Robertson Blvd. and Beverly Drive until 6 p.m. today handing out lollypops and tickets for shoppers to redeem a Kira T-shirt at one of her new LA stores which recently opened this month.

Check out the fabulous life of Kira Plastinina...

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