Monday, September 8, 2008

Meet William Rast

As if being singer, songwriter, and actor wasn't enough. Justin Timberlake is now adding designer to his list of ever-growing talents. Timberlake and his co-designer Trace Ayala are bringing 'sexy back'with their first NYC William Rast runway show, which debuted yesterday at New York Fashion Week. Timberlake explained to the Post that his brand stays true to his 'Southern heritage, but in a modern-day setting'. The line features both men's and women's wear and was developed and designed in collaboration with Johan and Marcella Lindeberg of Paris68. Ayala told the Post, "People ask me, 'What makes your shirts different than so-and-so's shirts?' Not one thing. The only thing that makes mine different is the lifestyle we sell. The one we live. It's heritage meets Hollywood."

Ayala went on to say, "I feel like right now we have the DNA of who we are. The past couple seasons we have been struggling. We are two guys, and even though we are from the same place, we have different style,"
he says. "But since we created this character, William Rast, it's the fusion of us two, if you put our lives together. It's the sleekness of a Southern gentleman."
-Katherine Mingey

Meet William Rast...

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