Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Art of Dior

Christian Dior Couture raised the bar in international fashion on Saturday with the unveiling of a Dior-themed art exhibit created by some of the hottest stars of the Chinese contemporary art world.

The Chinese capitol has been bombarded with fashion over the past year. Whether it was Fendi or Karl Lagerfeld using the Great Wall as a catwalk or it was Yohji Yamamoto who took over the previously Forbidden City for a runway show. As well as scores of other international branding events breaking down old barriers and pushing the envelope. Dior executives, looking for a new way to turn heads in China, knew they had to come up with something unique to create a buzz in today's Beijing. Designers are looking for different nontraditional ways to market themselves. And in today's society doing something big internationally can get you front page stories in the news. China takes pride in the achievements of its' people and Dior allowing them to have a freedom in displaying their skills with such a noted designers would give them great pride.

Christian Dior is known for its highly reputable demeanor. The collaboration with Chinese artists is breaking out of the norm and allowing Dior to push the limits and take fashion to another level.
-Katie Davidson

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