Friday, November 21, 2008

Rihanna and Gucci Collaborate for UNICEF

Photo by Splash News

Rihanna's "bad girl" image was forgotten when she partnered up with Gucci to be the spokesperson for their new Tattoo Accessory Collection. Gucci's Tattoo Accessory Collection, designed by Creative Director, Frida Giannini, as part of their annual campaign to benefit UNICEF. Gucci has been running an active campaign for the last three years.

Giannini holds the UNICEF program close to her heart. She believes it's an "exceptional organization that is able to do so much good in the world." Giannini knows this is an important partnership for her and believes Rihanna is the perfect fit for this campaign. Rihanna's talent, beauty and optimism represents everything that Giannini is hoping to display with this new campaign. Rihanna is also a big supporter of children and Giannini believes that's the exact attitude that needs to be shown by this campaign's spokesperson.

November 19, Giannini and Rihanna were honored to make an appearance in Brooklyn to light the holiday snowflake in Grand Army Plaza. Afterward they headed to Gucci's flagship store on Fifth Avenue to co-host a cocktail reception they held for the new Tattoo Accessory Collection. Guests included Becki Newton and Kelly Rutherford who came to potentially buy from this collection and help support UNICEF. For UNICEF, Giannini created a one-of-a-kind white version that includes a heart tattoo image and Gucci's logo and colors. Gucci plans on donating 25 percent of sales from this collection, which will be available online and in stores through January 31, 2009, to UNICEF.

The tattoo heart image that is on handbags allows people to wear this handbag with pride and know that having that bag allows UNICEF to receive money that will only benefit the children it works with. Giannini believes that this handbag represents everything Gucci stands for and is proud of the work that is being done.
-Katie Davidson

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