Friday, November 7, 2008

Islands of the World Fashion Week: Day 2

It's day 2 of Islands of the World Fashion Week in Nassau and we are getting an early start to the shows. Impressed by the first show of the day, Luna Designs by Glora Plata showed tremendous craftsmanship of the art of accessories on the runway. The company and products are completely conscious with the environment, using vegetable ivory that used to be used in the 18th century to make buttons. Now they use it in a different way to make accessories. The outcome- gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and rings with unique shapes that are in every sense environmentally friendly. The vibrant colors include yellows, turquoise and pinks created in vibrant colors with eco-friendly vegetable dyes. We loved the oversized rings so much, we bought one for ourselves in turquoise!
Luna Designs from Barbados
Photo by Factio Media

We adored the collection from Nadya designer Nadine Lurey, as the pairings of her separates and techniques of her use of texture and lush color was extremely unique. Originally from Chicago, Nadine began designing by venturing to the Salvation Army to get interesting fabrics like lace curtains and transforming it into a coat. She then began traveling around the world to places like South America before moving to Bali where inspiration has undoubtedly taken a firm standing in her collections. "I actually always like to say that I cook with leftovers because I love putting elements together and when I was first working with materials they were old textiles and pieces that had finite quantity, so I learned to mix and match and do things with kind of a texture and layering technique." Our favorite of her worldy creations were her textured jackets, many of which were reversible with one side revealing a fancy side, while the other was far more casual. Just by wearing one of her pieces, you will appear to look well-traveled.

Nadya from Indonesia
Hupfeld Hoerder from Fiji

Hupfeld Hoerder, a designer from Fiji, really brought island style to life with his unique hand painted dresses and separates. His designs are inspired by nature and his bright motifs and patterns set his style apart during fashion week.

Designer Genie Nuttal of Jeannie McQueeny with her models
during Islands of the World Fashion Week
Photos by Factio Media

Carmen Fiol from Cuba
Photo by Factio Media

Other island designers who presented during today's shows included Jeannie McQueeny and Lisa Humes, La Bonne Vie Bahamas and Elements from the Bahamas, Natural Beats from St. Vincent, Desreen Waller from Jamaica, Carmen Fiol from Cuba and Shaun Griffith Perez from Trinidad.

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