Friday, December 19, 2008

Chanel's Mobile Art Tour Cancelled

Given the present state of the economy, there's no question that people are cutting back on spending. Although, one would never guess that a prominent company such as Chanel would be. Recently, Chanel decided to conduct a mobile art tour in a space age type structure, created by architect Zaha-Hadid displaying artwork resembling Chanel’s 2.55 quilted chain strap handbag.

The mobile was able to make it to Hong Kong,
Tokyo, and New York, but it seemed almost unfathomable for the mobile to make it to London, Moscow and Paris.
The cost of the mobile was not mentioned, but an architecture critic did feel that the mobile was an indulgence, and given the state of the economy it seemed “delusional.” There were 20 contemporary artists involved in this project and the artwork was still owned by the artists. Chanel would have had the first chance to purchase the artwork. -Joletha Goodman

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