Friday, April 10, 2009

9 Festival For Fashion & Photography in Vienna

Photos courtesy of 9 Festival For Fashion & Photography

9 Festival for Fashion & Photography will take its place on the Austrian fashion scene for the fourth time this summer. Unit F Büro für mode has organized the events that will turn Vienna into a ten day fashion mecca showcasing the contemporary diversity of Austrian and international fashion designers, and draw fashion enthusiasts from all over the globe. Fashion shows, photography collection exhibitions, symposiums on the theme of the Business of Fashion, fashion tours of select Vienna boutiques, parties, and the much anticipated AFA Austria Fashion Awards will take place all over the city from May 28-June 10, 2009.

The fashion festival show and symposium line-up includes so fresh. the jewellery award by Pierre Lang, the fifth annual departure fashion night, Show Angewandte 09, Symposium Fashion 2.0, E-Tailing Symposium, and Blogger Symposium Fast Clash: Discussing the Digital Controversy.

Unit F Büro für mode has set up a variety of current collections and exhibitions of fashion photography that will feature a debut of pictures for Austria’s first international fashion magazine flair, a photo exhibition and a temporary Concept Store curated by
VICE Magazine and the Danish cult label WOOD WOOD, Gloomy Sunday by MAK NITE© and DROME magazine, and A Shaded View On Fashion Film: the first film festival on the theme of Fashion, Style and Beauty by Diane Pernet. Other special events cater to the Guerilla Store, five days of fashion tours titled: Wien live Inside Fashion Shopping Tours, and the fashion parties inlcuding I die. BanANNAs Celebrating Fashion 2.0-Party (,, spike magazine party, VICE 2nd Birthday Party and house of the says...HELLO! is it me you’re looking for? Creativity and remarkable works from the week will be recognized in the AFA Austria Fashion Awards. Winners will have the chance to receive one of six award titles that comprise of grants, internship placements, and cash prizes that overall total 60,000 EUR. The fashion party season is scheduled to wrap-up on the last day of the festivities at the After Show Party of the Modeklasse.
-Jackie Medler

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