Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michelle Rahn Opens Bridal Salon

Photo courtesy of Michelle Rahn

Wednesday, April 15th, Michelle Rahn made her debut in Chicago by hosting an event in her newly opened boutique that allowed guests to mix and mingle while checking out her latest wedding gowns. Located in the West Loop of Chicago, the Michelle Rahn Bridal Salon (211 N. Green St.)
is nothing less than elegant and chic. During the event, a model was showing off different designs while guests enjoyed conversation, sipping on champagne and snacking on crackers and cheese.

The interior of this boutique matches perfectly with the "scene" that Michelle Rahn wanted to create with her salon,
with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and large mirrors resting along the walls. Her goal for opening the salon was to bring back the "experience" that should be had when buying your wedding gown. Rahn designs all of the gowns herself and believes brides and their family should receive more personal attention when it comes to the big day. She found herself getting into the bridal industry after her sister asked if she would design her wedding gown. Realizing how much she enjoyed it, Michelle Rahn felt this was the right niche for her. For more info, visit
-Katie Davidson

Photos by Alicia Nieto for Factio Media

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