Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauty Must-Have: CHI Organics Combs

The Sandalwood Combs

It takes no time to be an environmentally friendly citizen, and The Green Book shows that you can "Go Green" even while you're getting ready in the morning with CHI Organics combs. The Olive Nutrient Therapy Combs use the benefits of olive oil, like moisturizing dry hair, all while leaving it soft and manageable. They save you time by conditioning your hair while you comb through it. It leaves you with tangle free hair that’s ready to style for the day. The Sandalwood Combs contain a certain scent that is said to help treat nervous conditions obtained by stress, like insomnia. They leave your hair static-free and ready to style by spreading natural oils through your hair as your comb. The Sandalwood Combs come in wide tooth, narrow tooth, and pointed handle options for any styling purpose. Both combs are made with nylon to allow durability in everyday use.

-Emily Ekern

The Olive Nutrient Therapy Combs

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