Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cake, Wine & Fashion

With the edgy art gallery as a backdrop; designer Justin White showed us his dramatic sense of fashion in the Let Them Eat Cake fashion show at Heaven Gallery. White invited us into his world where flowers set the romantic tone. Hairpieces, jewelry, neck collars, and patterns were in full bloom with the contrary of faded denim. This contradiction gave the show a fresh outlook on how the flyer implied ‘Marie Antoinette vs. the Recession.’ The rosy jewelry made by Ashley Scott for her company Drapes is definitely on our summer must-have list!There was black tulle in the form of tutu’s, sporadic plaid prints, high-wasted skirts, details of animal print, see-through and pearl accented flowers, and one shoulder dresses with black flower imprints. The men wore punk inspired jackets or sleek cardigans with high-wasted belts, and all of this mixed with wine and cake made the evening a true city night.This artistic show of White’s perspective was a delight for the young and edgy who love to have their cake and eat it too.
- ChloƩ van der Wel

Photos by Alicia Nieto

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