Friday, June 5, 2009

A Video Story: Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shoot of Still Life

Go behind-the-scenes and check out our lasted photo shoot by photographer Jack Perno for our spring 2009 issue! Elite model Maddy Mcmullen pulled off several amazing looks with high-hair and gorgeous frocks from designers like Calvin Tran to stores like Ikram and Koros.

Here's how they turned out (think glossy mag format)!

Spring 2009 Photo Shoot for Factio Magazine
cover: white blouse and black skirt by Calvin Tran, white hat by Yohji Yammamoto, Ikram

Dress by Oscar de la Renta, Ikram
Black dress by Calvin Tran
Bracelet by Ellie Thompson

Silk organza halter by Lita Mortari, Claudia Kleiner Malabar Colllections | White shorts by Calvin Tran Pink Quartz necklace by chic gems, Claudia Kleiner Malabar Collections
Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, Ikram
Black dress Comme Garçons, Ikram
Black gold headband by Seed, Ikram

Orange suit by Lanvin, Ikram
Pearl necklace by Tom Binns, Ikram

Photography | Jack Perno |
Photographic Asst. /Digital Tech | JJ Jetel
Producer | Lisa Fishering
Hair | Cindy Adams for Timothy Priano/Steven
Papageorge Academy
Fashion Editor | Jesse Rodriguez
Makeup | Cammy Kelly for Artists by Timothy Priano
Model | Maddy Mcmullen | Elite

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