Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Luxury Links from Around the Web - Luxe Links!

Dead Man Walking Cane by Ari Soffer sparkles with a $150,000 price tag
Named the Dead Man Walking Cane, it is a cane of Hawaiian hardwood with a silver skull that sparkles with 3.9 carat sapphire eyes and a total of 28 karats of diamonds. [Luxury Launches]

Summersent Parfum
The most heavenly scent we've smelled in a bottle accented with hand-applied Swarovski crystals [Factio Magazine]

Islands of the World Fashion Week 2009
Runway To Retail checks out the new lineup for the fashion week held in the Caribbean! [Runway To Retail]

LuxuryLink.com Bali Bids
Kristopher Dukes is wanting, using, and hating LuxuryLink.com Bali Bids [Kristopher Dukes]

Rachel Roy's Scuba Pop Resort Collection
Rachel Roy's latest collection takes inspiration fkrom an unlikely source, scuba gear. [Luxist]

Robot brain jumps bodies to do human bidding
domesticblog is wanting this new fleet of Butler and servant robots! [domesticblog]

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