Friday, October 31, 2008

Hearts on Fire

photos by Kari Skaflen

Hearts on Fire presented their "Architectural Collection" Wednesday at the Chicago Spire/NBC Tower on the 18th floor hosted by Kelly Ryan O'Brien and Amanda Puck. All jewelry presented at this event was inspired by famous buildings or known architecture. A tribute piece was made for the Chicago Spire that is in the process of being built here.

It was all about sparkle Wednesday night. Guests were invited to sit and lounge in a smaller sitting room or were able to chat amongst others in the main hallway that was lined with bar high round tables. Jewelry on display for the night consisted of a picture of the architecture or building that the piece was inspired by, as well as a brief description of how and why this building was such an inspiration. The "perfect cut" diamond had a perfect revealing of their new "Architectural Collection."
-Katie Davidson

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