Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Don’t just wear it, sustain it! Yes people, this is the message and vision held by Chicago’s Museum of Sustainable Style a.k.a. MoSS. MoSS, curated by Pivot Boutique, is out to make socially conscious decisions viable for eco-friendly fashion and living practices. Last weekend’s MoSS panel consisted of furniture and interior designer Barry Bursak, Chicago eco designer Lara Miller, textile creator Iris Wang, and environmental activist Sarah Snow. The panel discussed the three P’s that eco conscious and ethically responsible businesses face: People, Planet, Profit. The panel came to the conclusion that businesses should work on reducing their carbon footprint, whether it may be by reducing shipping distances or by buying organic fabrics; and that consumers should work on sustaining their style by investing in more clothing pieces that aren’t just “throwaways” in order to reduce waste and ultimately save money over time. An exhibit was also available to visitors that displayed sustainable textiles in all their glory. Whether you’re a business or consumer, its time to jump on the eco friendly bandwagon and get your green on!
-Jackie Medler

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