Friday, January 9, 2009

Eluxury to Close Their Virtual Doors!

Sad but true,, founded by LVMH in 2000, will be closing their online site within the next six months. LVMH has officially confirmed that the online retailer is in the early stages of transitioning the site into an online magazine, which will focus on luxury markets. LVMH’s spokeswoman tells WWD, that the reason for eLuxury’s ending was not based on the site’s financial performance, but rather because many of the brands featured on the site are available on their own or other online websites.

WWD Reports: “Starting in mid 2009, eLuxury’s new mission will be to create an ‘e-window’ into the world of luxury, by serving as an information reference for luxury in fashion, art de vivre, leather goods, wines and spirits, watches and jewelry, gastronomy, cars, yachts and services,” the spokeswoman said. “To that end, eLuxury intends to develop collaborations with the most prestigious names in the world of luxury media, as well as the main contributors of the luxury world.”
A very sad story indeed but we can’t help but wonder; can we all look forward to a huge sale of some sort?
Chloé van der Wel

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