Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tim Hamilton does Women

With Fashion Week approaching, designers are falling into two very different camps these days.

On the one side, those pulling out of the tents for Fashion Week (Vera), consolidating stores (Marc), and focusing on accessories (Olivier).

On the other, we have those moving from womenswear to menswear (Roland, Gareth, Carlos, Decarnin, Ferré), womenswear to kidswear (Gaultier) and now, there’s a designer who switched from menswear into womenswear, which is a very big transformation.

Tim Hamilton will be showing his first womenwear collection at Paris Fashion Week this March. The designer told that the capsule collection, built in Japan and Italy, is inspired by his mother’s, “avant-garde, all-black look and mid-century postmodernism.” Sounds like very New York to us!

You want the little cherry on top for this story? Shoes! He hasn’t decided if he’ll sell them or not, but we say - the more shoes in the world, the better.
Chloé van der Wel

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