Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Support the Race for Life!

Atomic Kitten and Celebrity Master Chef winner, Liz McClarnon, has designed this limited-edition T-shirt (£15.99) to show her excitement about Race for Life 2009!

Race for Life is an event that inspires and encourages women from all backgrounds who have cancer or know loved ones that do. The 5k women-only race began in 1994, and takes place all over the UK. The race helps to raise money for cancer research and women have the choice to walk, jog, or run. The campaign begins around the second week in February and continues through the month of April and the events take place between May and July. Women who may want to donate to the cause and not race are able to do that too. Limited edition t-shirts designed by previous participants are also available to purchase. Those who want to find the event in their specific region can visit the website and enter their postal code for more details. For more information, visit
-Joletha Goodman

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Sally So said...

I love Race for Life its just a great event