Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quickie Facebook Interview with Koros! Big Time Sale...

Koros, our go-to shop for everything chic, is having a major sale - get 40/50/and even 60% off now through January on amazing finds like Sportmax, Transit, Anik Batik, J4 Denim, Hoss, Gary Graham and more!

We caught up with store owner Kristen Fredricksen-Skordilis via Facebook this morning to hear more about their steal deals!

Factio Magazine at 9:31am January 7

Hey Koros! What are some of the biggest sales you have going on this week?

Kristen Fredricksen-Skordilis at 9:32am January 7

Our Sportmax Coat, Grey Metallic with a fur collar! You actually used it in the photo shoot with Jack Perno for your fall issue! It was originally $1,992. It's now 50% off. The cream gilet from Antik Batik, which you also used in the shoot was originally $628, it's 50% off. I have cashmere sweater dresses that were $782 and they are 50% off too.

Cream gilet from Antik Batik, Was $628, Now 50% Off at Koros!

Sportmax Coat, Grey Metallic Coat, Was $1,992, Now 50% Off at Koros!

Factio Magazine at 9:33am January 7

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
Kristen Fredricksen-Skordilis at 9:34am January 7

A pair of Camilla Skovgaard shoes. Wherever I go I'm stopped in my tracks over her heels. She is amazing and a designer to watch!

Factio Magazine at 9:35am January 7

What are your biggest fashion tips?

Kristen Fredricksen-Skordilis at 9:36am January 7

Hire a stylist for an afternoon! They will maximize your wardrobe. That's the biggest secret at Koros. My initial consult is $225 and it includes a closet lift!

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