Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ballerina Beautiful

Whenever a bad-hair day shows up on a day you were supposed to look flawless, don’t force yourself to stay inside the house any longer! Become ballerina beautiful! Ballerinas are known for their elegance and ultra feminine appeal. Which is why, even though you wouldn’t dream of zipping yourself into a tutu, you may yearn to capture some of the dancer glow for yourself.

Uzo for NARS, tells us that luminous skin is key. She recommends starting with a moisturizer that gives a pearl scent shimmer. She gets the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the temples to pop with a highlighter.

Gordon Espinet for M.A.C. uses a shimmer powder on cheekbones, with a slightly darker shade in the hollows. For the eyes, he suggests a few false lashes at the outside corner and a sheer blue pink for lips.

Pulling back the hair is easy; pulling off the look is harder, says Eiji Yamane of Eiji Salon. Set straight hair on rollers for body, then coax it back with your fingers; for curly hair, wax the top layer for texture and shine.

Once you have the hair and makeup, all you need is an eagerness to join the dance. Tutu optional.
- Chloé van der Wel

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