Monday, March 30, 2009

Suno at Ikram

Spring has come! Suno, a new and exciting new women’s collection from Africa just hit the sales floor at Ikram (the Chicago store that Michelle Obama frequents)!

Designer Max Osterweis has been collecting brightly-colored, vintage African kangas (a.k.a. printed cotton fabric) for the past decade and this is what the collection is entirely made out of. The result of all his travel and research is Suno, a collection of women's brilliantly-hued fitted blazers, short skirts, and twisted headscarves.

Produced in small fair trade workshops in Kenya, Osterweis' 1,000 one-of-a-kind individually numbered pieces retail between $95 and $595. The Kenyan sourced brand is a new label which faces its own share of problems including “routine power outages, overturned buses and the occasional wayward snake.”

The aqua blues, paisley reds, and wild pink polka-dotted pieces were available exclusively at New York and LA's Opening Ceremony stores, but now our own Ikram is the Chicago outlet to get Suno!

Visit to learn more and indulge yourself in the colors of warmth!
- Chloé van der Wel

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