Monday, March 9, 2009

The CFF Scholarship Winner is Tara Reich!

A model wears the winning design of Tara Reich

The Winner of the $5,000 scholarship from CFF is Tara Reich of Columbia College! Tara is a senior at Columbia studying fashion design and has been sewing since high school when she started making costumes for anime conventions.

The theme of the second CFF Scholarship event was “Fashion in the White City: a Tribute to Chicago’s World Fair”. Tara brought us a black, white and gold classic look. The shapes of the different garments were very precise and beautifully tailored. The details of the buttons on the turtleneck, the trimming on the upper body corset, the golden winter flowers on the circle skirt showed the judges her high craftsmanship. She perfected the look with small size fishnets, Marie Antoinette-esque heels and a sleek hat.

When we found ourselves wanting to wear her outfit, we knew that Tara Reich is a designer we have to keep our eyes on. Congratulations!
- ChloƩ van der Wel

The CFF Board

The Judges

Photos by Laurie Peacock

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