Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Real Taste of Chicago Fashion

Chicago Fashion has got us in stitches this spring 2009. The Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center and Real Talent will present an April showcase: A Real Taste of Chicago Fashion. The ingenious platform will feature eight local Chicagoan designers at Vesta Kitchen Design. CEC’s Stitches Fashion Program is behind the fun and inventive event that combines the genres of fashion and food. Each designer will reveal their new spring lines in fresh kitchen spaces, complete with themed menus. Partaking designers in this year’s showcase include Lara Miller, Abigail Galum-Lathbury, Sophia Reyes, Shorty, Dollybird, Objets d’envy, Mohop, and Process and Content.

The CEC’s Stitches Fashion Program is an initiative of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and provides assistance, mentoring, and resources to peoples in all aspects of the fashion industry. Additionally, fashion entrepreneurs can call on the Stitches Fashion Program for expert guidance in expanding globally while still creating locally.
-Jackie Medler

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