Monday, March 23, 2009

Rodarte gets in the Ad Game

There have been all kinds of confusion regarding the Rodarte Spring 09 ad. We speculated about the thought that it was the first ever Rodarte ad, when actually there was a Rodarte ad featured in Anthem’s Fall issue showing splattered red paint on a white wall with Karen Elson shot by Autumn de Wilde. Nonetheless, all this confusion is making waves for the Mulleavy sisters.

So Rodarte jumped on the advertising bandwagon. We understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when you’re selling $3,000 leather jackets. Their ad for Spring 2009 has been spotted in the latest issue of V Magazine (page #58).

The newest ad shows a model from behind, wearing a backless dress with gloves and those fabulous diamond cutout leggings. The brands name is written across the top in a strong font with a rainbow tint. Subtle, clean, detailed and serene- we love it.

Model and photographer are still unknown at this point in time. This shows how much the ad is actually about the clothing instead of a famous model. Outside of the model being photographed from the back, the Rodarte name covers her face. The brand keeps it a mysterious image, even in the commercial world of magazine ads.
- ChloƩ van der Wel

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