Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vivienne Tam's Technology

The fashion design maverick and entrepreneur Vivien Tam has struck again- this time she’s branching out into technology. While she’s known for her global fashion designs and futuristic aesthetic, recently Tam has been strutting her design style in multiple disciplines with acumen. After announcing the opening of a flagship store in NYC, and designing waiter uniforms for the sleek Grammercy Hotel in New York, Tam harnessed her futuristic fashion savvy and took aim at the American technology sector, an arena not as unfamiliar as one might think for a fashion queen.

In 2005 Vivienne Tam partnered with Motorola designing three original mobile phone cases. Motorola held an event in Shanghai celebrating the collaboration and Vivienne presented her Spring 2006 collection at Motorola’s launch event held in Shanghai. This time around, Tam is tackling the American market with a sleek, sexy curvilinear MP 3 player. Working with industrial designer Kitman Keung, Tam conceived the aesthetic for a flawless design and hyper-sexy feel. The MP 3 player asserts itself with crimson colored curves and sleek metal engraving; every inch of the design exudes sophistication and style.

It’s the newest must-have accessory for any burgeoning fashionista and will coax out the inner diva in any gal. Tam is calling the design an MP 3 Walkman and it will soon be sold in her New York store under the moniker, TAM MP3 Walkman.

It’s the perfect time of year to drop hints to your honey that the TAM MP3 Walkman would be one smoking hot stocking stuffer.
-Kari Skaflen

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