Monday, June 23, 2008

Enjoliver Jeans

Enjoliver Jeans are sophisticated trousers that intertwines tailored lines with sexy textures, a perfect alternative to denim. "This is not your mother's power lunch trouser, these are for girls that are trendy but want a more sophisticated look," says founder Jennifer Karuletwa. If you're wanting to grab everyones attention when you walk in a room, then this is your trouser as they are designed to accentuate all of a woman's natural assets. This trouser is truly a staple in the modern woman's wardrobe. "Enjoliver is filling a huge void in the contemporary market. We are unique in offering a pant that is the main focus of an outfit, the trouser gets all the attention. Enjoliver has created pants that have attention grabbing details like heavy gold chains, gold palm leaves & heart patches on the bum. Enjoliver's bottom line is that each pair of pants has to be able to be worn with a wife beater & accessories and have you looking fabulous," adds Karuletwa.

For fall '08, look forward to combined textures and men's style trends.
"I was inspired by the menswear trend, but wanted to put a feminine spin on it. So I combined pin stripes with lace trims, I combined beautiful wool gabardine with satin and kept the color palette bleak, except for the pop of magenta silk, lining the waistband. The silhouettes for fall were a mix of the classic tuxedo pant to a high waisted wide leg with a heart patch on the back pockets. There is something for everyone, this collection was intended to have the ability to fit into any wardrobe, whether you're 50 and want something classic or you're 25 and want something fun. You can totally mix your own personal style with this collection, rock it with a t-shirt, wife beater or something already in your closet," says Karuletwa. Visit to find a store that carries Enjoliver Jeans near you.
-Chavo Killingsworth

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Anonymous said...

I've seen Enjoliver at Tangerine! They are so hot and they fit perfectly... love them!