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Meet Monica Dimperio of at Cynthia Rowley

Monica Dimperio of

Monica Dimperio is the go-to gal for street style in the Midwest. Meet the lover of fashion, style blogger (she runs which showcases fashionable people in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee and such) and fashion stylist this Thursday at Cynthia Rowley in Bucktown, 1653 N. Damen from
4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Enjoy her style tips while you sip champagne. We caught up with her pre-event to see what she loves from Cynthia, styles she's drawn to and what every girl should have ready to go in her closet!
Mr. Pink spotted in Chicago - Daley Plaza
I noticed him from down the block. Not many guys can pull off the pink but he did and he did it very well. I also thought the scarf was a great touch."

This couple was spotted in Chicago's Lincoln Park
"In a couple, one is always more fashionable but these two seemed pretty balanced and they kind-of matched, too. I also loved how her bright orange bag popped from their earthy color pallet."

What are your top 5 current picks from Cynthia Rowley?

Leopard Print Dress, Cynthia Rowley, $350

Monica says, "When you wear leopard print expect heads to turn. I think this dress combines the sex appeal of leopard with an unexpected flowy shape to make this piece both classy and sassy. I would pair it with black tights and a fun patent accessories for the ultimate rocker chic look."

Sateen Dress, Cynthia Rowley, $420

Monica says, "You can never have too many LBD's in your closet and the Sateen Dress is definitely one that I would love to add to my collection. The cutouts on this dress are a fun trend to work into your wardrobe and the belted silhouette is perfect for my hourglass figure."

Summer Cashmere Long Cardigan, Cynthia Rowley, $385

Monica says, "I'm one of those girls that is always a bit chilly and the only cure is to always carry a sweater...even in the dead of summer! The Summer Cashmere Long Cardigan is a lightweight piece that will go with almost anything and won't be a bother to throw in your bag if you happen to get warm."

Racerback Blazer, Cynthia Rowley, $385

Blazers ALWAYS pull an outfit together. What this piece of outerwear does differently than most others, is give you a crisp look in front and a little fun in the back. It's a super-fun alternative to boring blazers.

Bubblewand Necklace, Cynthia Rowley, $150

Monica says, "I'm a sucker for whimsical jewelry. Diamonds and pearls are obvious classics but fun pieces like this Bubblewand Necklace is a great addition to any jewelry box. It's something that will aways spark a conversation or add panache to an otherwise simple outfit."

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
I think every woman should have the basic essentials in her wardrobe like the LBD, white button down, fitted blazer and a stylish black pump. Though, as natural born shoppers, women tend to buy impulsively (Funky red shoes. Black pants one-size-too-big, ON SALE! ) instead on concentrating on the necessities. It is important to have a wide array of go-to accessories to jazz up an outfit but, ultimately, the outfit is a mess without a good foundation.

Do you have a certain style that you're drawn to?
I love fashion so it's hard for me to peg myself into one category. I have to say that I tend to dress pretty classic but I like to add punk rock details and vintage accessories

Do you have a favorite season? If so, what do you like about it?
I absolutely love fall! The colors and textures are always so much richer during this season. Mustard and burnt orange are two of my favorite colors and it's a little harder to pull them off in the warm summer months. Also, scarves and outerwear, my wardrobe obsessions, are finally able to come back out of hiding. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to wear short sleeves all year!

What is your favorite aspect about Cynthia Rowley designs?
I like Cynthia Rowley's designs mainly because her pieces are cut to flatter most body types. As a curvy woman, I know the disadvantages that come with shopping for designer clothing. Many designers still cut for a model figure, but Cynthia Rowley definitely offers shoppers a choice of silhouettes that will fit anyone from a ruler to an hourglass. I also love the little vintage details in her current spring line which I noticed on the rick rack skirt and several of the dresses.

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