Monday, June 16, 2008

Pete Wentz Meets the Fashion Press

Fashion Focus Preview Show
Photo by Factio Media

The main event is months away despite many anxious industry insiders, but the June 16th kick- off for Chicago’s prime fashion event Fashion Focus 2008, was held at the Hard Rock Hotel to project a sneak peek into this year's week of chic and to get everyone excited for what is to come.Today's event left no one anxious, as speakers such as Melissa Gamble from the Department of Cultural Affairs, Mayor Richard M. Daley, Lancôme makeup artist Alex Sanchez, Pivot Boutique owner Jessa Brinkmeyer and Clandestine Industries’ Pete Wentz excited the crowd for the fabulous events to come (Factio also spotted his new wife Ashlee Simpson in the front row showing her support).

Musician Pete Wentz addresses the fashion press on June 16
Photo by Alyssa Blanchard for Factio Media

Gamble and Daley touched on the growing fashion community that is
Chicago and its current prominence in national headlines, which makes it a perfect time to steal the show. Sanchez announced Lancôme as the official sponsor of Fashion Focus 2008 and promised a very secretive but alluring new line from the brand to be sold exclusively at Fashion Focus partner, Macy’s. Brinkmeyer stressed the importance of supporting an eco-friendly fashion world as Pivot does and proved to the audience that it is possible to look great and help out Mother Nature while you’re at it.

Wentz, a world-renowned rock artist who calls Wilmette his hometown, was an exciting reminder that high fashion is not all about
New York or LA, and he promoted that even further when he decided to start his clothing line Clandestine Industries out of Chicago. Yet, as if these speakers were not convincing enough, a short fashion show previewing some of the looks that will be shown this fall followed the announcements featuring nineteen inspiring designers with highlights from Elda de la Rosa, Katrin Schnabl, Anna Fong, Abigail Glaum-Lathbury and Paul Sista.

Fashion Focus 2008 will be held October 1st through the 8th, but it is suggested that you start the countdown now. This event has rocked Chicago for the past few years but as far as things are looking now, it might be the best, most innovative year yet. Stay tuned on all things Fashion Focus this fall by signing up at We'll have up-to-the-minute news during the shows, event VIP invites and more.

-Nora Silver

Here's a peek at what we saw today!

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