Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fashion is

The ebullient crowd at Lumen toasted Chicago’s inaugural fashion website on January 29th. The city sponsored website is designed to put fashion insider information at the fingertips of the many. To kick things off and get the word out, the Mayor’s Fashion Council hosted a launch party at Lumen in the West Loop district.

Despite rapidly dropping temperatures and gusting winds outside, guests turned out in a bevy of chic ensembles. Inside, setting the celebratory mood, heat-sensitive, low lights highlighted the Lumen crowd. Subtle but constant changes in brightness and light-color were propelled by the humming party below.

A flurry of business card exchanges could be seen throughout the evening as guests re-connected with old friends and met new fashion industry players.

Libations included grape-based vodka mixers, and chocolate nibbles were strategically placed about the bar. The site, is a centralized tool designed to help link the city’s fashion community with industry specific information for everyone from designers, to business investors, to consumers. The site also provides a way for industry professionals to connect and discover new opportunities, as well as stay current on events and boutique openings.

“It’s going to really change the way fashion works here in Chicago,” one guest opined.

If the successful launch party was any indication of things to come, we’re certain to see a huge spike in fashion in Chicago. Bring it on!
-Kari Skaflen
photo: Kristen Amato of K. Amato Designs (pictured right)

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