Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10 Fun Trends for Fall 2008 from NY Fash Week

The Waist: Designers accentuated the small area midsection of the female figure, just at the bottom of the rib cage with belts, waistbands and contouring that drew the eye to the narrow waist.

Metallics: Nearly every designer sent models shimmering down the runway in metallic silvers and golds.

Pencil Skirts: If you don’t own one already- go out and get yourself one, or make that several. This will be a fantastic staple item to take you into fall. Make sure you’re getting one that is high-waisted and falls at or below the knee.

Berets: Simple, black and red berets were seen in abundance at the shows. Who doesn’t love a chic way to stay warm?

Hot Color Alert: Chartreuse-an unlikely star, chartreuse was everywhere on the runway. Silk gowns and chiffon blouses were cheerfully popping up in this unmistakable color.

The Blouse: A beautiful and classical piece to wear with the pencil skirt, the blouse was ubiquitous on the fall runways. A scoop neck and sweet front pleats were de rigeur.

Designers didn’t shy away from texture in unlikely places, floor length dresses featured fitted waists that then ballooned out and tucked in again at the knees, skirts bubbled and three dimensional chiffon flowers patterned dresses, such as those displayed at Vera Wang and Carlos Miele.

Feathers: They were all over for fall 2008. Designers created entire skirts and long dresses of layers of feathers (deep green feathering was a big hit) or in more moderate cases, sparsely used them to cuff a sleeve or skirt hem. The most ostentatious usage of feathers was at the Carolina Herrera show where models rocked the runway in an ode to Robin Hood donning top hats adorned with feathers several feet long that trailed behind the wearer’s head.
Hot Color Alert: Eggplant, violet, mauve, merlot, call it what you like, but deep shades of purple were prevalent in nearly every collection for fall 2008.

The Schizophrenic Pant:
There was no middle ground this season, pants were either sexy, figure-hugging cigarette style or loosely slung with a wide, cuffed leg. Regardless, both styles were worn high-waisted.
-photos and story by Kari Skaflen

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