Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet Elite Chicago Model Ava Smith

Aurora, Illinois native and Elite Chicago model, Ava Smith’s favorite color is yellow and in a word, the bright and happy color sums up this cheery world class model. She’s not your typical model: dark and brooding, she’s sunny, optimistic and very, very down-to-earth. This gorgeous model prefers hanging out with friends to going out on the town. Her favorite memory, as of late, is not a swanky star studded party after a runway show, but a biking catastrophe in Paris that made a mark, literally. Those are just a few of the reasons why we love Ava. Read on to learn more about this home-grown beauty who’s making a serious impact on the fashion industry.
Runway to Retail: You’re an international model, jet setting around the world, wearing fabulous clothes and working the catwalk. How do you stay grounded?
Ava Smith: Staying grounded is certainly a task that I try to keep in mind in all aspects of my work as a model. I feel it is imperative to remember that being a model is merely a job and not who I am. I enjoy being involved in a vast array of activities that really have nothing to do with modeling (not that modeling doesn't take up a good deal of my time, mind you) and spending time with people not involved in that market really serves as a reality check and ticket back to planet earth!

RTR: Air travel is arduous these days, how do you make sure you’re comfortable on long flights?
Ava Smith: Oh, if there only was a way to be comfortable on flights! Depending on whether or not I have to go directly to a studio or get to go directly to my hotel determines how I prepare for long flights. Sometimes I have to immediately meet with a client right after my arrival so I can't really show up in sweatpants and favorite pair of Reeboks. My style is pretty casual and comfortable in general, however, so it really isn’t too bad. Oh yeah, and always remember to get the window seat, which makes sleeping so much easier!

RTR: As a runway model, you see the trends first hand. Which pieces are on your wish list for spring?
AS: My wish list for spring? Definitely dresses, dresses, dresses. They are simple, comfortable and totally versatile. You really can't go wrong with a cute spring dress.

RTR: What is your favorite memory from the spring fashion shows over the past months?
AS: My favorite is a memory that I had physical evidence of for quite sometime. In Paris, during the shows, a couple of us girls decided to rent a few bicycles and bike around the city, one of the few spare minutes we had. Except me, being the klutz I am, waltzed right into the bike rack and got a mondo bruise that chilled on my legs for a good couple of weeks afterwards.

RTR: What is your favorite staple piece currently in your wardrobe?
AS: My wool socks. They keep my feet toasty in the frigid winter.

RTR: What is the most exciting, extravagant outfit that you’ve worn for a photo shoot or runway show?
AS: Latex suits during the Heatherette show. They were ridiculous, but actually surprisingly comfortable.

RTR: How do your Chicago roots influence your personal style?
AS: As Midwesterner and native Chicagoan practicality is the key in my wardrobe. And I don’t mess around with the cold. I wear hats, gloves, scarves and big coats!!

RTR: Where do you shop when you’re in town?
AS: Ikram is my favorite place to find really cool pieces, but you can never go wrong with a good vintage store.

RTR: Who is your favorite Chicago personality?
AS: Oh, definitely Michael Jordan. I love Hanes.

RTR: Who is your ideal shopping date?
AS: My mom and one of my best friends, Lindsey. I hate shopping, but with those two I find things I like AND enjoy myself.

RTR: Who’s style do you admire most?
AS: Audrey Hepburn.
-Kari Skaflen


chronicpain_hero said...

observing their models takes the pain out of many days. can't wait to see more of them and feel less pain. they do have some of the nicer models you will see on the internet and other media. and all out of the Chicago area. kinda makes the midwest hotter than the coast of Cali

Anonymous said...

My sister is close friends with Ava Smith and she is one of the most beautiful down to earth friendly people i know. im so happy she became such a success!

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.