Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grand Vintage 2003

Some things we can't resist - a glass of Moët and a handsome chef from France. The two were paired as industry insiders were able to try Moët's Grand Vintage 2003 back in June at an intimate tasting at Trump Tower in Chicago.

The Grand Vintage 2003 is powerful. You will experience notes of vanilla, almond and hazelnut followed by the delicious fruits; apricots, yellow peaches, nectarines and poached pears.

The Grand Vintage Rosé 2003 is extremely intense and the first notes you taste are of deep red fruit; strawberries, black cherries and blackberries. As you continue to sip, you will notice warm spiciness of nutmeg and leather that become fresher with notes of pink grapefruit, blood orange and rose. The vintage will retail for around $60.
-Katherine Mingey

The experts weighed in on the Grand Vintage...

"It was an honor to be one of the first people to try the 2003 vintage. The beauty of tasting is that it's subjective and completely personal. I interpreted the vintage to be soft and balanced. I can listen to Benoit talk forever. A Chef de Cave is akin to a master artist and it was wonderful to learn from him."
Stephanie Miller, Drink Editor, Chicago Scene Magazine

Moët Grand Vintage 2003 is an exciting varietal with a refreshing bouquet that brings multi-levels of pleasure to the palate. The color is magnificent with great clarity and from start to finish each sip unveils another note. Not too dry, too delicate or too robust it is the perfect blend alone as a party refresher or complementing a meal. Moët Grand Vintage 2003 is fun, exciting and was well received.
Denise O'Neal, Chicago Sun-Times

Benoit puts a completely fresh spin on an iconic brand. The first sip of the 2003 was bright and light- very California. But, the taste became more complex with each sip. The crisp, energetic finish was a Moët trademark - so French!
Amy Tara Koch, Chicago-based Trend Reporter

Benoit Gouez, Chef de Cave of Moët & Chandon

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