Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paris Couture: Part Fantasy, Part Theatrics

John Galliano

The Paris couture week is always part fantasy, part theatrics but always done in style and this year the show opened with Dior and John Galliano did not disappoint. His collection was one of old world glamour and French conservative chic that included hourglass gowns, big coats, circle jackets and tulle dance dresses.

For fall 2008, expect to see a lot of the 50s silhouettes; cinched waists with long flowing dresses and a lot of lighter colors that include pale pink, ivory, violet, mint and pea green. On the catwalks all the designers were incorporating the aforementioned colors throughout their collections from Anne Valerie Hash's micro-paneled lace dresses and skirts in ivory and pale pink to Christian Dior's injection of mint and violet in many of his outfits.

If you haven't worn a suit in a while, this would be the season to expand your horizons as the majority of the designers incorporated gorgeous classic suiting in each of their collections. Armani Privé did something unique, he broke up his suits by using light pink tops with menswear fabric bottoms (and vice versa). Alessandra Facchinetti did the Valentino name proud and included his classic suiting but with curved, slightly space-age volumes.

Armani Privé

The runway was full of accessories for the fall 2008 season, the most prominent being bows. Alexis Mabille has been using bow ties since 2005 and continued his tradition for 2008 as well. Armani Privé used the bow by tying one under the bust of one of his dresses. Other accessories that were a hit on the runway were brooches, belts, leather jackets and leggings.

There was only the best of materials used in each of the designers' collections which included silk, satin, lace, velvet and tweed with elaborate beading throughout. This year's couture show screamed class and elegance and I enjoyed the throw-back to the 50s. All I know is that after seeing what the designer's showcased, I can't wait to start shopping!
-Katherine Mingey

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