Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tanishq Opens in Chicago Area

The Lotus Collection

Tanishq, the brand behind India's largest retail stores, opened its first U.S. store in the Chicago area on July 9 at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. This luxury retail store offers unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise designed with a global customer in mind. "Chicago is the quintessence of sophistication, with incredible architecture, world-famous restaurants, music and a very design-savvy community," said Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director of Titan Industries. "We thought it the perfect place to premiere Tanishq." A talented team in the Tanishq Design Studio creates the jewelry, and they will put out permanent collections and limited edition lines each season. For more information, visit
Tanishq at Woodfield Mall in Shaumburg

We caught up with Bhaskar Bhat to discuss insider details!

RUNWAY TO RETAIL: For the first U.S. store for Tanishq, what made the company choose Chicago? What was it about our retail market that was unique in the states?

BHASKAR BHAT: The Chicago retail market appreciates culture and art and attracts the kind of consumers to which Tanishq’s jewelry appeals.

RTR: How is the jewelry of Tanishq unique to the Chicago market?
BB: Chicago is known for being design-savvy, and consumers here have a well-formed aesthetic and consider themselves global consumers. The initial collections, Yoga, Spring and Lotus, were inspired by nature and philosophy and would appeal to the Chicago market because the designs are sophisticated and inspiring. The Yoga collection features fluid shapes which incorporate diamonds in each piece. The Spring collection is influenced by the cycle of life, and encompasses delicate floral shapes with colorful stones such as garnet, rose quartz and amethyst. The Lotus collection, which uses pink sapphire, keshi pearls, carved rock crystal and diamonds, is inspired by the resilience of the beautiful lotus blossom. Designed with a global customer in mind, each collection has its own story and stays true to its organic inspiration.

RTR: What are people most surprised to know about the brand?
BB: Tanishq offers a new experience in shopping for jewelry by connecting with the customer. This can be seen in the attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and the innovative approach to the retail environment, which surprises guests and encourages exploration. The retail space has a unique atmosphere that allows guests to browse at leisure and discover the inspiration behind each piece. In addition, storytellers are present to tell guests about the philosophy and creativity behind the brand. The storytellers have had a unique experience, as they have visited India to learn first-hand about Tanishq.

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