Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Ideeli is the Place to Shop

Ideeli.com is the one-stop shop for the fashion-forward woman. Described as a "red-rope online shopping community," Ideeli offers authentic luxury items for 50 to 90% off their original prices. From Gucci sunglasses to Kooba handbags, expect to find gorgeous designer accessories at a fraction of the cost.

So how does it work exactly? Well, everyday there is a product or brand that goes on sale and the date and time of the sale is kept secret. However, if you become a member of Ideeli through an invitation (like this one for Factio Magazine readers, click here) you will be alerted before the sale starts by either an SMS alert or an email. In addition to mind-blowing discounts, the company offers weekly giveaways, so that means you can own one of these amazing designer items for nothing!

For more information on becoming a member or just to check out the current sale visit: www.ideeli.com.
-Katherine Mingey

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