Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top Shop's CEO Comes to New York

One of the most successful clothing chains in the UK, TopShop, will make its debut in New York City this October.

Arcadia owner, Sir Philip Green, arrived in New York this week to meet with the US press to explain his vision for Topshop stateside.

According to Drapers Magazine he informed press that there are no plans to Americanize the clothing and not to expect any discounts on the products, despite the trend in the US for value prices. He also confirmed to reporters that he will be on the hunt to open two more shops in New York at some time.

Originally there was some debate over whether it was a good idea to open the new store in a Mall. However, Green put the kibosh on this idea because he believed that "street level" locations were better suited to the chain.

The 40,000 square ft, four-floor store will be located on Broadway and Green is estimating sales between $30 and $40 million.
-Katherine Mingey

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