Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alterna Truffles Your Hair Up!

Quite frankly, researching Alterna made us want to go out and splurge on an extravagant dinner. Why, you might ask? Ingredients they use include caviar, champagne grape seed oils, arnica flowers cacao extract, and white truffle oils. Their product line is separated into Caviar(Anti-aging), Hemp (Organic), Life (Balance), Luxury (The Beautifier), and Ten (Key Elements). Alterna claims, first and foremost, to be technologically savvy when it comes to their haircare products with the basis of their technology called Enzyme therapy. This is their trademarked method that delivers enzymes to help transform their ingredients into a structure that can easily be used by our hair.

Forward thinking, trend savvy and a step ahead of ever-evolving technology, Alterna is an independent beauty company dedicated to ensure the success of professional stylists worldwide.
-Chloé van der Wel

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