Wednesday, February 25, 2009

H&M Goes to South Korea

H&M is doing better than ever! Despite the current economic mess we're experiencing, H&M is at the top of their game and is looking into even more expansion. The retailer is now operating more than 1,700 shops throughout the world and doesn't plan to stop there. After recent success with the opening of their store in Tokyo, plans to open another store in South Korea within the next two years are in the works. The Tokyo store was getting volumes of around 8,000 people a day coming through their doors and H&M saw that as another opportunity to expand. With moderate priced goods that are similar to the styles seen on the runway, H&M isn't feeling any crunches this season. Although the lines are much smaller in Tokyo, there is still a variety of styles to choose from. H&M sees this as one of the hottest markets right now and is determined to utilize this as another step in taking over the world, one store at a time.
-Katie Davidson

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